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Vientiane Grand Ballroom
*Total Area 448 Sq.m

* Ceiling Height 6 m

    Theatre 400 people

    I-shape 80-160 people

   Buffet / Chinese Set 250 people
Dimension (L x W ) 16mx28m

 Class room 270 people

 U-shape 60-160 people

 Cocktail 300 people

As Laos has seen the increasing demand for global meetings and for top class conferences and meeting facilities the Lao Plaza Hotel offers you the best equipped facilities whether it’s a small meeting or playing host up to 500 guests our professional trained staff are there to serve your needs.

Plaza Hall

*Total Area 190 Sq.m
* Ceiling Height 2.2 m

  Theatre 150 people

    I-shape 32-60 people

   Buffet / Chinese Set 100 people 

Dimension (L x W ) 15.3mx12.4m

 Class room 100 people

 U-shape 30-60 people

 Cocktail 120 people
From our spectacular Vientiane Ballroom to the exclusive Plaza room we can cater to your requirements to the finest detail.
Outside catering services are also available.
• Multi-channel infrared        language distribution system
• LCD projector
• White board and flipchart
• VCD/DVD player
• Conference wireless    microphone
• 360 degree cross circuit  camera
• 300 inches automatic screen
• Wireless internet access
• Desk and laptop computer

Plaza I

* Total Area 65.6 Sq.m

* Ceiling Height 2.7 m

    Theatre 30 people

    I-shape 10-20 people 

Dimension (L x W ) 8m x8.2m 
 Class room 25 people

 U-shape 18-25 people

Plaza II

*Total Area 51 Sq.m

* Ceiling Height 2.7 m

    Theatre30 people

    I-shape 20  people


Dimension (L x W ) 8.5m x 6m 

 Class room 20 people

 U-shape 15-20 people

Plaza III

*Total Area 86.4 Sq.m

*Ceiling Height 2.8 m

    Theatre 50 people

    I-shape 20-30 people

Dimension (L x W ) 9.6.m x9m 

 Class room 40 people

 U-shape 25-30 people



Plaza Room

*Total Area 36 Sq.m

*Ceiling Height 2.8 m

 Theatre 15 people

 I-shape 10 people

Dimension (L x W ) 8m x4.5m 

 Class room 10 people

May Hall

*Total Area 116.84Sq.m

* Ceiling Height 2.7 m

    Theatre 70 people

    I-shape 40 people

   Buffet / Chinese Set 80 people


 Class room 50 people

  U-shape 40 people

 Cocktail 100 people









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